Zero-Sum Gaming is a multi-platform gaming community centered around both casual and competitive gamers alike. ZSG aspires to be the #1 eSports organization. Despite the explosive popularity of eSports and gaming conventions (e.g. E3, MLG, E-League, ESL, DreamHack) there is no true eSports event center that is truly built by gamers for gamers. ZSG sees a big market for an eSports hotel event center that can handle major eSports events and gaming conventions.

Zero-Sum Gaming will provide a high quality event service to host eSports tournaments or gaming conventions with a future hotel event center ZSG can generate additional revenue through a more robust advertising system. This will allow Zero-Sum Gaming to forge partnerships with the biggest influencers in the eSports world. Based on the overwhelming growth of eSports and the current rush in the market to create the next big league or event, it seems clear that a service like Zero-Sum Gaming would provide value to event organizers

Zero-Sum Gaming's multifaceted community consisting of our website, forums and voice chat servers. Our website aims to provide the latest News and information on all things gaming related. Our forums will provide a place for the community to discuss about their interest and plan for events and keep up to date with other members. We also provide voice chat servers where our community comes together to play and socialize.