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  • Fri 3rd Jul 2020 - 3:53am

    he technique storage of even fruit company have been already seen bottom, can not release than the China more advanced intelligence cellular phone any further.Although the rice country government can make use of the reason of information safety to obstruct a China cellular phone temporarily in the outside now,this behavior affirmation can't keep on too for a long time and wait until rice the people's beginning to after China intelligence cellular phone be full of dream, the even fruit cellular phone is a dead end. Four star companies of cold country that the peaceful fruit company is similar to feel a still having of the to the bone cold idea, their intelligence cellular phones sell quantity to equally and significantly fall, because they can not also get product and technique support of dreamlike island Jose Altuve Astros Jersey.Four star companies than even fruit company more miserably of BE, in addition to intelligence cellular phone, their cellular phones zero parts businesses also appear significant fall, because China and dreamlike islands all released the same kind product, and sex price compare higher, four star companies don't adapt to this kind of vigorous competition, so their products sell quantity to tumble. So at have no one to turn to under, four star these two natural rivals enemy opponents of company peaceful fruit company incredibly abandon the gratitude and grudge in the past days, rare of allied put together.Everyone opens his/her own technique department and shares his/her own technique and product storage with the other party, wants to carry out to greatly get stripe on the technique and releases the all new product of having the competition ability. Can even if two companies carry on an all-directions cooperation and shared a lot of all new techniques, because they the technique content is original shortage of reason, the their techniques total level promotes also very limited, still can not produce to submit the intelligence cellular phone of having enough competition ability. Is exactly to discover that the even fruit companies have already sunk into place of doom, the even fruit company just has been being holding a meeting to discuss this problem, if the dreamlike island continues a rightness of even fruits companies carry on technique blockader Yordan Alvarez Astros Jersey, even fruit company none exception of only bankruptcy's closing down this road can walk. The head of department suggestion of an even fruit company way:"Boss, probably we can notify the cooperation colleague of even fruit company's city, they don't want to provide various app to the China intelligence cellular phone, let China the intelligence cellular phone don't have app use and force a dreamlike island to concede to us with this." Even fruit company the ceo is cold face to say:"You don't look into circumstance in the market?The China domestic has already appeared a great deal of domestic app, they with we the app of company's city is very alike, but we can not find evidence to tell them.So the China intelligence cellular phone basically has no lack of app support, their domestic apps even want to refuse our the app cooperated a colleague, how do we force dreamlike island concession?" What nobody knows BE, pre-eminent get into an intelligence cellular phone in the dreamlike island of market of time, the Yan flies in consideration of the problem of cellular phone app, so the app made the artificial intelligence"dreamlike" to collect a cellular phone on all markets, then start large numbers of replications of quantity these apps, and upload them to China company's city of the four greatest intelligences cellular phone, let the owner download use. With the super intelligence of "fantasy", as long as the creativity that knows these apps, at very short time in can write one a great deal of similar app.So China intelligence cellular phone the manufacturer basically don't worry to will be in need of app and on the contrary want to vex the similar app is getting tooer many, none of them knows a point to expand who. And the dreamlike assistant included many functions of apps Alex Bregman Astros Jersey, as long as and the dreamlike assistant have a conversation, can complete majority of cellular phone operations.So China intelligence cellular phone to alone the app need isn't big, everyone of so want to download app, only is habitually make however, pursue a new experience just.Wait until after they be used to dreamlike assistant, will be more and more small to app dependence. At the same time because these app is the "fantasy" makes use of Chinese language speech to write, plus in the place of some keys to carry on a small modification, so the orthodox app production company basically could not take the apps that the dreamlike island produces to own infringement evidence, the market that can helplessly looking at them be captured by the app of dreamlike island. That head of department says:"We can make all app manufacturers tell the app of China national product, even if tell not to pour them, can also defer the expansion of their app, be advantageous to us and the dreamlike island talk a condition." The even fruit ceo says:"We the even fruit store take out to those app manufacturers be up to 30, will your feeling those app manufacturers stand at us?Still have, if the situation cans not get to converse, China intelligence cellular phone main current once becoming a market, we drive marginalization Christian Yelich Brewers Jersey, do you feel those app manufacturers to also produce app for us?" At the thought of oneself's company conduct and actions in the past, everyone had some to worry, in this turning point, can't those meeting of app manufacturer abandon their himself/herselfs?The doing not basically and never once think them will help they on their own initiative …… Then another head of department say:"Boss, we probably can contact Gao Tong's company, arrestment Gao Tong to China the company provide cellular phone chip and take this as to coerce to let dreamlike island concession.Although Gao Tong's company has enemy with us,as long as paying a certain price, I believe Gao Tong's company to still would like to help ours." The even fruit company ceo shakes head a way:"The latest circumstance got from Gao Tong's company according to me, the China is a local the new company have already produced the all new chip with 5 ns, this kind of chip has already outstripped the chip of Gao Tong's company on various function.Is also say, Gao Tong's company has enough to do to look after myself now, their products will face the danger that is substituted completely, where still probably come to help us?" China this all new company depends on two 5 n chip production lines that the dreamlike island provides toward the nation and finally produced qualified 5 n cellular phone chip, now just in the importing chip that slowly acts for Gao Tong Deng foreign company. Just because just started producing now, the productivity hasn't completely released Josh Hader Jersey, so can not also all substitute foreign chip.However as long as these two 5 n chip production lines adjust to try to complete and train a more qualified production workers, the chip production will attain a highest point.But the time not only can expel all of the foreign chips China, return an ability military advance international market, give rice country the chip business enterprise bring huge threat. Then this supervisor put forward to make use of again rice country's government to bring pressure to the dreamlike island and let the dreamlike island open a technical suggestion to the even fruit company.Result this suggestion right away be vetoed by the ceo of even fruit company, however secretly, the ceo has already put forward the supervisor who puts forward a suggestion to be included in blacklist.Connect because of now rice national capital not and dare face to face hard Dui dreamlike island, this idiocy incredibly still needs to make use of the rice country exerts pressure to the dreamlike island, this isn't the idiocy is what?He basically isn't suitable for to continue to stay in leading a post. At everyone no matter how it is discuss, all the front of the detection is together a dead beard, basically could not take the time of solution problem project, the big screen television of board room suddenly and automatically opens, a black figure appears on TV a screen up, this black figure back is a strong light, so no man can see pure looks of this black figure.Then television in spread metal to synthesize voice. "Everyone good!" Everyone's one Leng, a technical personnel saw the data that shows on the computer all of a sudden and said right away:"Boss, our transact system be invaded." The even fruit ceo is exactly angry of time, cut up rough on listenning to, say:"That you still not and quickly think a way and kick out this damned black guest to me." The under charge that hasn't waited him begins, that metal synthesizes voice to say:"The Sirs, I am to come to help yours.With lend you and the technique storage of four star companies, you are to can not outstrip on the technique is provided the China intelligence cellular phone of zero partses and software supports by the dreamlike island.This is in the world already no one can help you to get away from a predicament, only I just have the technique the science and technology content that can promote your product."

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