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    The even fruit ceo says:"This Sir says again good to listenly on the mouth and also rather takes out a product to make us take a look to must be good." That metal synthesizes voice to say:"The product can let you see right away, you can install it measures to take a shot on the even fruit cellular phone, will discover that my words didn't exaggerate its phrase.However previously, I have to reach the condition that cooperates concerning both parties first." The even fruit ceo asks a way:"What kind of cooperation condition do you want?" That metal synthesizes voice to say:"I established a science and technology company, its name called future science and technology.I make use of this companies to solve an intelligence hand on board technique hard nut to crack for you, you pay technique expenses for my company and used for these expenseses Gao Jing Jian's equipments that purchases a rice country, and deliver them to the location that I specify." The even fruit ceo saw one eye oneself's under charge Michael Jordan White Sox Jersey, that under charge understood and carried on a search on the computer right away, very quick found out the information of this"future science and technology" company, he wrote the detailed data of this"future science and technology" is on the paper and pass to own owner. The even fruit ceo saw the paper on the hand, the registration location of the detection"future science and technology" was to declare offshore company heaven of opens Man islands.However its registration time only have for a week and register capital only USD 1,000,000 also, the company owner doesn't know as well to is who. The even fruit company ceo is exactly an end of the road end of road of time Anthony Rizzo Cubs Jersey, someone declares that he or she can promote competition ability in the market of oneself product now, no matter true or false, he wants to hold tight this to help rice straw.Although help this"future science and technology" to purchase the rice country Gao Jing Jian's equipments some risks, but total the bankruptcy comparing even fruit company close down to must be good. However even if is at this, is a business the even fruit company of the person the ceo also has no no time for waiting that on the face of it expresses a he or she, he tidied up own emotion for a while, lightly say:"Black Mr. Ke, I feel we can how develop the cooperation of deeper time to launch a negotiation." That metal synthesizes voice to say:"Certainly, this can totally win to our both parties, why not negotiation?" The third day after the China captain left a dreamlike island, the Yan flies and then was called by Yang Qi to arrive underground laboratory, said is have new invention achievement to let oneself see.Hence the Yan flies to let go of the work in the hand right away and goes to Yang Qi's laboratory. Yang Qi directly takes Yan to fly to arrive at most the weapon laboratory of core , in the weapon laboratory, put the cement-like in shape slab of stone in a cake of white. The Yan flies to curiously ask a way:"Yang Qi, this slab of stone is you for this period of time of of research achievement" Strange talk's way:"Is quite good Javier Baez Cubs Jersey, it is our latest research achievement.Come up to say from the practical value, I think it the more before all than us research achievementses are important many." The Yan flies for some surprise, Yang Qi's laboratory a lot of useful research achievements, among them the most sophisticated of include super light son calculator, and artificial intelligence"fantasy", but Yang Qi say this slab of stone-like in shape product more important than all previous research achievements. The Yan flies to cannot help but asking question:"Is it more even important than super calculator and artificial intelligence of laboratory?" Yang Qi but don't answer that the Yan flies of ask words, he passes artificial intelligence"fantasy" to stand up the white slab of stone in the weapon laboratory fix, look like is mark Ba similar.Then laboratory in appeared a series of weapon.Have the mounting sudden attack of small caliber the rifle among them, there are 127 millimeters of heavy machine guns, there are also 30 millimeters of sail cannon.These weapons are under the "fantasy" operation, over against the white product of front. The Yan flies to say:"You what test does this want to do?" Strange talk's way:"I prepare to measure to take a shot this cement knothole strength and degree of hardness." The Yan flies one Leng and says:"Do you say this thing to is a cement?" Strange talk's way:"You can are called its cement Corey Seager Dodgers Jersey, it although being a cement, but imagining medium cement with you is completely different, because it has very miraculous function." The Yan flies to curiously ask a way:"Exactly is what miraculous function?" Strange talk's way:"Do not urgently see first I come one by one verification." Then the Yan fly and then no longer talk and with concentration watch Yang Qi's experiment. Strange talk's way:"Is dreamlike, the start mounts sudden attack the rifle attack mark Ba!" Under the "fantasy" operation, the mounting sudden attack of laboratory inside rifle quickly turns, then facing the cement slab of stone of the front shoot the bullet carry on an attack, just very short time, will mount sudden attack all of the bullets in the rifle to beat light.The bullet beats in the cement piece and incredibly send out Mars four splash of sublime prospects.Wait until attack be over, the Yan flies and surprisedly discovers, the surface of that cement slab of stone incredibly didn't suffer from any harm. Yang Qi says again:"Is dreamlike, start heavy machine gun, continue to attackstone to mark Ba!" Under the "fantasy" operation, that pretty heavy the machine gun start rapid blast-off bullet and wait until all of the bullets of weighing machine gun 127 millimeters of calibers and cast light, that cement plank still keeps having no and delivering Sun, is just that the on the face of it appeared some white to print and record. The Yan flies some Be getting more shocked, say according to the thickness of this cement slab of stone, after suffering the attack of big caliber heavy machine gun bullet, it early should quilt's playing shot Be getting grounder, how can have no have no Sun? Strange talk's way:"Is dreamlike, start 30 millimeters of sail cannon, continue to attackstone to mark Ba!" See 30 millimeters of sail cannon bullets start blast-off, the big caliber bullet shoots anterior cement plank, the cement plank finally appeared breakage and superficially appeared a great deal of cement ash fog this time and covered with cement plank at in.Wait until an attack to stop, kiss in the blowing of wind force under, those cement ash fog be blown about, the Yan flew finally to discover some cave slots on that cement plank, however those cave slots are very small, also not enough with let its suffering is ruined by the sail cannon shell shot of destiny. Because the unmanned machine divides time of reason, the Yan flies to clearly know 30 millimeters of power of sail cannon have much big.At under the act of terrorism like this, being the armor of tank will be also ruined by the shot, but have never thought just to tee off some small cave slots on this cement plank and be imaginable this kind of cement plank exactly have much strong and tough. Strange talk's way:"It is dreamlike, cut over big power for sail cannon to wear A to play." After getting Yang Qi's order, the "fantasy" starts operating a machine arm in the laboratory and give that stand the sail cannon replace to wear A to play. Strange talk's way:"Is dreamlike, continue to attackstone to mark Ba!" See 30 millimeters of a great deal of wear A to play to shoot anterior cement plank, the cement plank starts a great deal of derogation, then the Teng rise a gray smoke and cover with the whole cement piece at in.However the Yan flies to be like a place in the shooting of cement plank rear from the decoration can see Clayton Kershaw Dodgers Jersey, this cement plank still kept being not worn A to play to broke through. Being 30 millimeters of to wear A to play to attackstone dint is very violent, when this ammunition will soon consume almost exhausted, it finally brokes through the cement plank of front, cement plank also drive thoroughly the shot ruin. The electric fan start that waits until laboratory blows about that gray smoke, the Yan flew to finally see limb from limb cement plank.That cement plank the inside is just common of crushed stones and sediment, basically have no reinforcing bar as to prop up framework. The Yan flies to looking at that cement plank and have never thought a piece of very small cement plank incredibly thus strong and tough.Then he thoughted of this kind of cement knothole extensive use right away and peeped out the facial expression of fanaticism on his face.Is worried of ask a way:"Yang Qi, is this kind of cement plank how to do out?What is its main raw material ?" Strange talk's way:"you also saw, the this kind of cement knothole main composition was river sand and crushed stones, but our cement plank of so is thus strong and tough, can resist 30 millimeters of attacks of sail cannon, is because of used a kind of cement material of special formula."

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