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  • Fri 3rd Jul 2020 - 4:00am

    But the Yan flies also take some rocks to Yang Qi carry on a research and want and see exactly is the reason why to cause how these rocks are strong and tough, but have never thought Yang Qi to pass to these useless rock researches, incredibly got this to look like impending great invention. The Yan flies to say:"You are to say, are these useless rocks the original materials of creation cement?" Strange talk's way:"My studying these rocks has already had very long period of time, however has been having no main theme.But these several days I am suddenly inspired, hence whet these rocks into thin powder through a machinery equipment, carry on further formula with process Fernando Valenzuela Dodgers Jersey, became rock and cement just about product.Immediately after I mix this kind of cement and water, sediment and crushed stones together and finally got that hard can not the cement plank of Cui." The Yan flies always in the guess this cement plank exactly add what high technology of product, just make it thus of strong and tough, even can defendoof 30 millimeters of attacks of sail cannon.But completely have never thought inside's most decisive composition incredibly is that he digs out from the underground of the rock of the nothing important uses, but the useless rock like that have already piled up on the dreamlike island such as mountain. Yang Qi flew for Yan to bring a surprise, he made use of a heap of to completely and worthlessly abandon rock and incredibly made matchless and strong and tough cement product.Yang Qi points at those rocks and says:"The Yan flies, you are probably still not clear, think these rocks Be just common useless rocks and Be confused to throw away they.But I want to tell you, they aren't common, they are the super rocks that owns special use." The Yan flies to ask a way:"Super rock?Why use super come to describe it, because its strong and tough?" Strange talk's way:"The reason that is on the other hand just strong and tough, I of so be called it super rock, is because one of its special physical characteristic." The Yan flies to curiously ask a way:"What physical characteristic?" Strange talk's way:"I before discover this kind of rock very strong and tough, so its inside definitely conceals what profound mystery, but I didn't find out this kind of profound mystery exactly is what.A few days ago received you to I of those after flying thing wreckage, I am suddenly inspired by graveness from the design project of an among those zero partses, discovered that a kind of all new material sets up a method.However this material sets up a method haven't converted into a theory, can not big area expansion use." "However even if is so, I also passed this method to discover the profound mystery contained in rock.Then I whet this kind of rock into powder and add other formula, end create it into special cement.This kind of special cement once with water, sediment and crushed stones mix blend together, wait until after solidifying Justin Turner Dodgers Jersey, formed that a cake of to just is strong and tough and like the cement plank of steel." The Yan flies this to just know that cement knothole since, just what he have never thought BE, that strong and tough cement plank incredibly from common of rock conversion since then of.The Yan flies to ask a way:"After this kind of cement concrete solidifies, can its strength attain what extent?" Strange talk's way:"According to adoption the dissimilarity of the rock and cement formula, its strength is also each not same.Most the cement formula of the lower class, is as just about as superlative and common cement;But superlative cement formula, the strength can compare titanium metal alloy." The Yan flies a surprised, say:"Compare titanium metal alloy?This how may?" The strength of the titanium metal alloy has already arrived unimaginable situation, the Yan flies to completely have never thought such a product that is come out by the formula cement manufacturing, incredibly can attain the strong and tough degree of titanium metal alloy. Yang Qi pointed to point that piece of cement plank that is an experiment to mark Ba and said:"The cement plank that just tested, be used superlative cement formula, constituted its to only have formula cement and sediment crushed stones, but its strength has already come to a the strength of titanium metal alloy." Yan flies this to just respond to come over Cody Bellinger Dodgers Jersey, while just carrieding on weapon gunning's testing, that cement plank is hard can not Cui, have already proven its high strength and degree of hardness. Strange talk's way:"I also thought in the beginning this kind of cement formula was impossibly so severe, but deepened along with my research, I started discovering containing a kind of mysterious energy in this kind of rock.This kind of mysterious energy although the content is few, and the content almost can not be probed into,is exactly the function of this kind of mysterious energy and just make this kind of rock is thus strong and tough, and at from express export surplus strong strength and degree of hardness in the cement formula that it constitutes." See the light of fire that the bullet beat on the cement plank before Yan flies four splash, really seem to beat on the steel, to it can compare the degree of hardness of titanium metal alloy is accredit.He marvels a way:"Words like this, say we of this kind of from rock manufacturing of can the cement act for the function of steel?" Strange talk's way:"Our cements really can act for the function of steel, however because the cement product stretches sex, pliant and tough, transmits heat sex, electrical conductivity of naturally not enough, make some basic uses of steel can not also drive complete act for, the steel still has a market.But we also have their our own special advantages, we can pass to study more violent formula, make much more even strong and tough than the steel products.Isn't only this, our cement at specific weight with permit a heavy and thin degree and condense time and strength, physical volume stability and water to turn hot, dense degree etc. index sign up, all far super common cement." The Yan flies to listen to the heart is very hot, he this just discovers the violent place of this kind of cement, even if this kind of rock whet of the cement can act for the use of half steel product, the so dreamlike island really delivered.Want to know the dreamlike square circle in island is inside 100 kilometer scopes, underground deep place 5,000 meters place is all this kind of strong and tough rock, this kind of rock can say to take it the Jie is used not it not exert. If the Yan flies to turn to sell to sell this kind of cement with lending its excellent characteristic, can over the whole iron mine stone market right away.Because his cement not only the price is in great quantities cheap, and can extensively used for infrastructures, such as building and road...etc. to constuct, can save the dosage of steel.But in these aspect, is exactly the biggest market of steel. Then the Yan fly some doubt of ask a way:"Exactly contain in this kind of rock what mysterious energy, incredibly can develop so many miraculous effects?" Yang Qi didn't directly answer the question that Yan flies Mookie Betts Dodgers Jersey, he counter-questions a way:"The Yan flies, do you feel that the weather on the dreamlike island is normal?" The Yan flies saying of honesty:"It isn't very normal." Dreamlike island and insularity Tokyo are basically placed in the same dimension, insularity Tokyo has strict four seasons to classify, but on the dreamlike island, but have been being placed in the warm status of spring, although summer, autumn and winter these three seasons exist, not obvious.The plant production on the dreamlike island is specially fast, and the plant soon will promote plant grade once growing here, let this kind of plant become a perfect body on the gene level. Isn't only this, the animals like a great deal of sea bird,etc was also attracted to the dreamlike island to multiply greatly here, even some migratory birds for passing by also canceled to change residence, but chose to settle down here.In addition, the Human body body living in the dreamlike island seems to be also specially healthily, few emergence get sick of circumstance. The Yan flew to discover the abnormality of dreamlike island weather very early, however he hasn't been wanting to understand this to exactly is what is the row.Yang Qi Yi inquires now, the Yan flies right away the truth actually say and tell his own true viewpoint. Strange talk's way:"I after arriving at the dreamlike island also discovered the weather here and living creature excrescent condition, also always at study exactly is the reason why to result in this kind of excrescent condition.Until lately, I just discover is what caused the weather abnormality of dreamlike island." The dreamlike island is the private site that the Yan flies, to here of the excrescent circumstance take to heart and ask a way right away:"Why will appear a problem like this in the dreamlike island?" Strange talk's way:"There is to explain this problem a necessity making first to know another problem." The Yan flies to ask a way:"What problem?" Strange talk's way:"You say that the dreamlike island before has been covering with in white fog, so that kind of is white fog that covers with a dreamlike island exactly what?" The Yan flew to think for a while and said:"That time here didn't°yet dreamlike island, so should be that there is a great deal of steam ascension on my sea surface, then with the sky a certain especially the different natural phenomena blend, so here just became white fog fill the air of status."

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