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    Little Zuo this just realizes unmanned machine guided missile of severe, she adjusts her own body in time and continue to make track for under of the Yan fly but go to and again come close Yan to fly.Otherwise once being flown by the Yan to again draw back distance, unmanned function enough reckless attack oneself, the little Zuo will bother very much.Then she not only can not kill Yan to fly, oneself may also drive unmanned machine severely wounded is after all Gao Kong, not a land here, the little Zuo is in the real real strenght that here basically could not develop I. Just this a little time, no matter is a Yan to fly still little Zuo, their descend speed be all accelerated to a number of fearfulness by the gravity.The Yan flies unmanned machine to do backing, being not afraid of oneself naturally will fall dead, even still especially the idea sped the speed that oneself descends, keep off the little Zuo of terror.And little Zuo one heart want to kill Yan to fly and avert from the attack of unmanned machine, so also follow Yan to fly to speed up, make track for Yan to fly. The Yan flies two shot of little Zuo of quilt, the arm breaks to fold, the body inner part also appeared a serious condition of the injury, after waiting until to descend speed to attain certain scope, his body started appearing condition.Can not help under, the Yan flies to open arms and legs as far as possible and lets oneself's speed lower.And the little Zuo also follow the speed that the Yan flies to carry on adjustment and always ensure that oneself flies in the Yan of top of head. Because the little Zuo is apart from the height that the Yan flies to only have 20 meters, Yan's flying doesn't dare as well to launch concealed body cruise missile of ag-129 to the little Zuo again attack, because so and very may attackstone Yan to fly himself/herself.The little Zuo is an absolute being class superior, the defense dint is strong, so can resist sail cannon and the attack of guided missile;Yan's flying hasn't become an absolute being class superior, the real strenght hasn't been promoted, once being attackstoned by these high-tech weapons Christian Laettner Duke Jersey, maying doom a while very much. And the little Zuo also realize this problem, she has been tightly staring at Yan to fly, as long as the Yan flies to do what action, she will the horse carry on adjustment and ensure that oneself has been flying noodles in the Yan.The little Zuo heart is understand, once oneself is located in Yan to fly to don't kill the opportunity that the Yan flies any further under and so. Because little Zuo of this concerns, it makes her be very near apart from the height that the Yan flies on the whole, and she doesn't dare as well to hastily launch an attack.Otherwise a shot down empty after, the Yan flies the square who will be placed in her.The unmanned machine connects to walk Yan to fly not to say when the time comes, oneself still the meeting face the attack of unmanned machine.She needs a per shot to necessarily kill of opportunity, only an attack, can fly Yan to thoroughly kill. Although the little Zuo is a girl,the extraordinarily brave is matchless, Yan's flying is in a row shot twice by her.The Yan flies although at first shot of time the safety once hides,could not avert from little Zuo second shot, the second-time attack of little Zuo lets the Yan fly to suffer serious wound. The Yan flies to is located in several thousand meters high airs now, is accelerating to sink into downward.Under the function of gravity, he sinks into of speed more and more quick, will soon attain a body acceptance extreme limit.Once more than this acceptance extreme limit, the Yan flies original suffer the body of serious wound right away meeting thoroughly collapse, can not restore any further. The Yan is flying the status of being placed in the extreme danger, however the little Zuo of his top has been casting covetous eyes on to him, the time awake Yan flies of action, as long as opportunity to find out will give the Yan fly to deadly blow.In this case, Yan's flying doesn't dare to do too big action as well and otherwise give for the meeting the little Zuo can multiply by of machine. Is urgent under Grant Hill Duke Jersey, the Yan flies to suddenly think of to hide in a product that has never used for a long time in the in general use space, that is the Yan to fly from the Xiao with bare hands in loot of the black ball.Store a kind of mysterious energy in that black ball, this kind of mysterious energy has strong treatment function, as long as inhale them into the human body body, can cure of the condition of the injury of human body severity right away. On the time in earlier period, the Yan flies to usually absorb this mysterious energy in the black ball.Because his essence all suffers in a lot of activities over-weight create, so need the mysterious energy in the black ball to speed a body condition of the injury of completely recovered.Because the existence of this black ball make the Yan fly to spend a lot of yearses of dangers.But also because the mysterious energy in the excesssive use black ball, the mysterious energy in the black ball has already appeared a dried up circumstance Grayson Allen Duke Jersey, so the Yan flies the energy that would stop absorbing an inside, it lets it slowly resumes by itself. Because the dreamlike island constucts continuously to carry on, the Yan flies and then hardly leaves a dreamlike island.By so doing, the number of times of his essence participation combat less and less, get hurt of several rates significantly lower, so that mysterious energy in the black ball have never used any further. The Yan flies a body to suffer from severely wounded now, can not resist high speed to descend the huge damage to the body, so the Yan flew to thought of that in the urgent juncture right away can with the black ball of continuous life.He found out the black ball in the in general use space a while, then opened in general use space and took out the black ball of inside and held in the oneself's center of palm and started releasing mentality to absorb the mysterious energy in the black ball and used them speed body internal injury power of instauration. If is a peacetime, the Yan flies from the in general use space in took thing easily, however the Yan in nowadays flew a body to suffer from severely wounded and plused to sink into downward of speed very quick, he used the product that the mentality targeted in general use space Jayson Tatum Duke Jersey, and will it since the in general use space took out, need to be more of concentrated attention.But once concentrating attention while taking thing, the Yan flies in the sky of the activity had a small arrearage.It is this arrearage, make the little Zuo of the top of head 20 meters place draw near the distance that flies with Yan. Although the distance that drew near to fly with Yan, the little Zuo discover that the status that the Yan flies seems to become more and more like, make she still there is no absolute confidence launching deadly blow.Hence she can continue to stare at Yan to fly and want to continue to close to Yan to fly and find out the flaw that the Yan flies and wait for that extremely good of opportunity arrival. The Yan flies a black ball after hand and feels the mysterious energy in the black ball right away.As he is just getting this black ball, the mysterious energy of inside as if big river in Yangtze River, abundant not already.And after successive use, though this black ball is slowly resuming by himself/herself, but in of the mysterious energy also thin out.Arrived now, inside of mysterious energy be like will soon the small river of dried up. However the Yan doesn't already fly the danger in nowadays, he already so many beyond the power to care, make use of oneself strong mentality, the strong dint absorbs the mysterious energy in the black ball. After this period of time of continuously practice, the Yan flies originally strong mentality to start developing to appear lost in thought a strange function.So the Yan flies of once the mentality come in contact with the mysterious energy in the black ball, the mysterious energy in the black ball is led to quickly flow out into Yan to fly inside the body, repair Yan to fly the serious condition of the injury in the body. Just very short time, the great majority energy in the black ball is inhaled Yan to fly inside the body.But opposite should of, Yan's flying that is serious inside the body will soon let the condition of the injury that he departs from this life rapid instauration, recovered from illness a while 95 above. However this also arrived the extreme limit of black ball mysterious energy, when the Yan flies to continue to absorb inside energy of time, just the mysterious energy in the detection has already been all absorbed to go out.Etc. till the last one silk after mysterious energy disappear JJ Redick Duke Jersey, the color of that black ball also became transparent white, immediately after that transparent white orb"Mao Ca" one rings and thoroughly splits into two halfs. The Yan flies feeling urgently under, absorb the mysterious energy in the black ball clean, but unexpectedly let this black ball change sex-like in shape, become didn'ting discarding of use an article, can not store mysterious energy any further. After discovering a black ball to spilt open, the Yan flies some regrettable.Want to know this black ball to be count for much to him, can let him quickly resume on the time in his severely wounded, is tantamount to his second life, the result demolished because of energy exhaustion today.Is also say, since today, Yan's flying can not make use of that kind of any further mysterious energy to quickly heal the condition of the injury in the body.

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