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    The Yan flies afloat in this strange world, then discover that oneself in fact has no to completely wake up, he was just consciousness to wake up, the body didn't wake up.He now the world of place, is exactly a some other day to often win to observe through the mentality of world spiritual influence world.Just need him to pass at ordinary times the mentality then can observe to this world, but now he in this world. The Yan flies not to know oneself why will be placed in this strange status in, he the time that remember that he sinks into from Gao Kong is become severely wounded by the little Zuo shot, then sinks into obfuscation, but don't know why oneself will arrive at the world spiritual influence of outside world.However he responds to come over right away, he is placed in extreme danger now in, so he has to leave this uncanny world right away and return to outside of the world carry on a treatment, otherwise his body very may because severely wounded die, his consciousness will also thoroughly disappear. Collapsed and fainted previous Kyrie Irving Duke Jersey, the Yan flies ever lead the unmanned machine divided time next once reached instruction, let the unmanned machine divide time to conceal right away at the deep sea under.But he hasn't seen the unmanned machine carry out this instruction, collapsed and fainted pass by, so he doesn't know that his own essence is placed in now as well what a kind of condition in, exactly Anne's insecurity. In the turning point, appear a from bat cloud regiment changes Huan and become of black dress man, that black dress man and little Zuo fights at Gao Kong, but the Yan flies basically incognizance he, so he didn't also have confidence that bat man be come to save himself/herself.Perhaps the bat man will suddenly shake hands speech with little Zuo with, then turn round to come to deal with oneself together.So for the sake of own of the safety consider, the Yan flies to wake up right away, then starts radicle in the sky in the outer space anti- lead system, use anti- lead the big power guided missile in the system to deal with little Zuo. Although the attack that radicle in the sky is anti- to lead the guided missile of system is very rapid, so for little Zuo can fast- moving absolute being class the superior come to say but some slownesses.Even if the Yan flies to target little Zuo from the space, then carries on a guided missile attack, probably can not also hurt little Zuo very much.But the Yan flies the purpose of starting this system not to is to kill little Zuo, but makes use of for a sky, radicle is anti- the important target of Tokyo for leading a system attack RJ Barrett Duke Jersey, force insularity to bring pressure for little Zuo and let the little Zuo stop attackstoning Yan to fly. Although the Yan flies be not really know little Zuo relationship with insularity exactly and how of, come to assassinate Yan to fly from the little Zuo and then can see, the little Zuo's development toward insularity still cares very much.The Yan flies to make use of for a sky, radicle guided missile threat insularity, then make use of insularity to lead long to make little Zuo, may let the little Zuo give up to assassinate the plan that the Yan flies very much. Want to attain this strategic purpose, the Yan flies and then have to make oneself wake up.Only so, he can pass "fantasy" control radicle in the sky of artificial intelligence anti- lead system, carry on an attack to Tokyo.Because the Yan in nowadays flies status a bit unusual, he basically could not respond unmanned machine to divide time, the nature can not also pass to lend support to Zhi brain the bottom reach instruction, the indirectly in command of"fantasy" carries out to ownly orderany.Is also say, the Yan flies now although can freely consider,lost outward right of control of publishing the boundary. The Yan flies the status in nowadays very exquisite, he afloat at constitute to°from the world spiritual influence of in the gray world, didn't know to the feeling of oneselfs' bodies, don't know that own condition of the injury circumstance has to alleviate as well naturally.But predict according to the convention, the Yan flies to know that his/her own current circumstance must be very what a mess. Fly to sprout the existence desire of the strongest in the heart in the Yan, hoping earnestly oneself can live to descend of time, he discovers that the gray world starts changing on all sides, just very short time, the gray world becomes bright.Disappearance in the mentally dense world disappears Tre Jones Duke Jersey, the Yan flies to be placed in a colourful world in, his nearby the one quickly passing time overflow colourful. The Yan flies a bit stunned, outside is the world that the world spiritual influence constitutes, ignore he make use of mentality to carry on an observation at any time, will discover that that is a world of color one that ash receives, when be like now so colourful lead? The previous China captain flew for Yan to once do to play to show, so the Yan flies to know to want to make use of world spiritual influence, have to know the attribute of world spiritual influence, and understand this kind of attribute.Then can pass mentality's carrying on an attribute conversion to the world spiritual influence , once leading this kind of attribute energy into oneself inside the body, not only can express an attribute energy of especially remarkable talent dint, can also break the state of absolute being, become real absolute being class superior. This process is spoken of easy, but want to attain but very difficult.The captain flies for Yan to play to show in China of in the process, Yan's flying has never seen clear China captain conversion of attribute color is what, his seeing is all hazy Meng Long ones.But in China captain in the eyes Zion Williamson Duke Jersey, he to this kind of color but very clear.But as China captain says, in different person's observation, even if completely same attribute energy, their colors are also each not same. Even if the China captain wants to fly attribute and color of explaining in detail this kind of attribute energy for Yan is what, let the Yan fly to follow China experience of the captain carry on breakthrough, also basically impossible.So become absolute being class the superior basically can not use the other people's experience, can be oneself to carry on groping for. The Yan flies and discovers world spiritual influence now the world isn't the mentally dense one any more, but the color that makes a show of a various each kind.Understand in his heart, these color representative of is a world spiritual influence to be converted of attribute energy.He as long as finding out the energy that oneself needs from these colors, and understand this kind of energy, lead this kind of energy into his/her own body for the ability right away, become an absolute being class superior. Fly to the Yan in nowadays to say, the ability that he wants most is to quickly heal the ability of condition of the injury, because his body is being placed in extreme danger in, only quickly heal then the ability of condition of the injury can make him get away from the crisis in nowadays.But the attribute color of spiritual influence world is really too many, all around ten thousand kind of at least of many, he basically doesn't know an inside of which kind of color is quickly heal the energy of condition of the injury. Once the Yan flies a choice mistake and inhales the other energy into the body, these energy according to cure the method of condition of the injury carry on an usage, his body right away meeting because spiritual influence attribute abnormality but the occurrence explode, let oneself thoroughly die. Fly to sink into to choose in the Yan difficult in of time, that allows him to quickly heal the black ball of condition of the injury before he suddenly think of.The mysterious energy in the black ball can quickly cure of Yan to fly the serious condition of the injury in the body, he at that time some doubts this kind of mysterious energy was exactly what.Oneself sinks into world spiritual influence now world in after, there is clear Wu in his heart, that is the mysterious energy in the black ball is the energy that has to cure a condition of the injury in the world spiritual influence, this both although the existent way is different,they should be integral whole of, all belong to the same attribute energy.

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