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    Even if there is Anne doubly Xiang clear claim, Yan's flying is also the good sub- princess who absolutely can't pass an insularity imperial house.But when he received "fantasy" to deliver of urgent intelligence report after, but have to leave insularity right away, temporarily pass a good sub- princess.However the Yan flies don't peep out flaw, on the contrary look is give Anne doubly Xiang clearly a face just leave. The dreamlike island is the old nest that the Yan flies, for the sake of the safety of oneself old nest, the Yan flies to almost deploy all Gao Jing Jian's weapons that Yang Qi's laboratory invent at in the dreamlike island, include the most sophisticated radar screen among them Ken Griffey Jr reds Jersey.This radar screen has no under the "fantasy" control not engrave all is towarding a dreamlike island waters and get empty an area to carry on a scanning, as long as discover an enemy, will start various weapon, will invade right away of all of the enemy exterminate. Although this radar screen can not attain unmanned machine quantum radar thus of probe into level, but its wholely probing into level have already exceeded the Earth the most advanced level is nowadays.At and artificial intelligence"fantasy"22 after the matches, this radar screen can control a dreamlike island empty area and waters any slight commotion in 100 kilometers.As long as is in this any affair of occurrence inside the district, the "fantasy" will know in momentary, then according to the serious degree of the affair, whether choice tells Yan to fly to know. Just while scanning through a radar screen, the "fantasy" discovered at dreamlike 100 kilometers of Gao in waters in the west in the island vacated now a cloud regiment.If this is the common cloud regiment, the "fantasy" can't suddenly contacts Yan to fly, either, but under the scanning of radar screen, but discover this cloud regiment incredibly is constitute to°from the small bat, but bat cloud regiment seeing before this cloud regiment and Yan fly looks exactly alike.Is exactly to discover the sudden emergence of this bat cloud regiment, the "fantasy" would contact Yan to fly right away and let the Yan fly to know this affair. This bat cloud regiment isn't done know as well where fly to come over, be it to after getting into an empty area of the dreamlike island that can probe into 100 kilometers keep dreamlike island direction of facing to fly to come over for the path.According to the "fantasy" calculation Pete Rose reds Jersey, if speed and direction of this bat cloud regiment don't take place alternant of words, it will just get into a dreamlike island through dreamlike island wharf in the west 15 minutes later. This bat cloud regiment can change light man of Huan adulthood, before and still just the Yan fly to meet dangerous of time in the sky and the little Zuo carry on a war and saved Yan to fly one life.However even if is so, the Yan flies to this bat man and doesn't dare as well with the light heart, because the Yan flies basically don't know that the man of bat is an enemy to is a friend. If the "fantasy" calculation is right, this bat man's purpose should get into a dreamlike island.Beyond all doubt BE, this bat man is an absolute being class superior, and still have uncanny ability.Can change the Huan bat in Chengkong Universities by his essence to see, Gao Jing Jian's weapon of dreamlike island can really not necessarily hurt him.Is unique can deal with this bat man, only the Yan flew oneself. So while discovering that the man of bat will soon appear in own old nest, the Yan flies the activity that would break off oneself in the insularity right away and immediately returns to a dreamlike island.Is previous after the Yan flies obfuscation, this bat man and little Zuo under way fights Amir Garrett Jersey, so this bat man Be affirmative to know the whereabouts of little Zuo.The Yan flies to want to find out little Zuo, probably can start here from this bat man. The Yan flies to sit in the unmanned machine bridge house, part facing the dreamlike island high speed run about wildly, simultaneously start unmanned machine quantum radar, use definite direction scanning function, discovered that huge bat cloud regiment a while.After quantum radar of precise scanning, the Yan flew to clearly know the artificial intelligence"fantasy" didn't know while passing the radar screen scanning bat cloud regiment of some details. Gets in the quantum radar scanning of in the data, Yan's flying and discovering the height of that bat clouding regiment maintenance has been being about 800 meters, the area after spreading out probably has 1 square kilometer, constituting the bat of cloud regiment is a kind of be called a hair leg to absorb blood Fu of will absorb the bat of blood, they of the amount is 9999, the airspeed of this bat cloud regiment is 300 kilometer hour. That bat cloud regiment seems and doesn't discover that the radar of dreamlike island and unmanned machine has been being scanning it, it didn't also realize that its own behavior will fly to the Yan and the dreamlike island result in harassment, but remain existing flight level, speed is as constant as direction, the path keeps a dreamlike island direction of facing to fly over there. The Yan flies a purpose of knowing the bat man not is what Aristides Aquino Jersey, so early orderany artificial intelligence"fantasy" to start the weapon on the dreamlike island to equip, the dead dead targets to just close to at the facing dreamlike island direction of bat cloud regiment.And the escort brigade in the dreamlike island the member of team also received to battle alert, in the Nie under three leading of Fengses, they putting on outside skeleton armor and spider to battle platform, occupy the strategic important position on the dreamlike island, protect the deluxe manager on the dreamlike island. In these people, gentleness, six Ping pings and Yang Qi are a Nie three Fengs their protection point.The dreamlike island flies to the Yan to say although is important, as long as his unmanned machine divides time to also produce result, even if the dreamlike island is demolished, he also the ability begin all over again in other places.But these three people want ~only a whichever person wrong, fly to the Yan to say to is destructive disaster, completely can not bear.So while carrying on personnel's protection, these three people are the points in the points, absolutely can not appear any problem. However be apart from a dreamlike island to only have 100 kilometers when Yan's flying isn't far apart from the dreamlike island, though the bat cloud regiment appears very much, but when the unmanned machine flies to return to dreamlike island wharf, bat cloud regiment is apart from the wharf of dreamlike island to still have far two kilometerses.Now that the Yan fly to return to a dreamlike island first, so even if that bat cloud regiment was to come to dreamlike island to make the destructive, the Yan flew to can't worry, either. The unmanned machine quickly descended, then came one in 200 meters sky from high empty 25000 meters of 180 degrees turn over a body, the hatch of unmanned machine cockpit opens, the Yan flies from the cockpit in drop out, then the facing below and quickly fallen off.The Yan flies to operate world spiritual influence and in the sky glides, the steady station is in the wharf maritime customs mansion loft.But the unmanned machine divide time to then quickly turn over a body, then rapid get off the ground, conceal oneself at 1000 meters of a regiment of the place cloud and mist in. Bat cloud regiment that looking at distance is quickly closing to, the Yan flies and then raised a vigilance.Various weapon on the not only dreamlike island works well attack preparation, is the unmanned machine for concealing to divide time is also worked well to fight preparation Barry Larkin Jersey.As long as discovering that that bat man has hostility, the meeting carry on a wild attack to him right away.The Yan flies of so choose in the wharf of the seaside to intercept a bat man, be don't think that the man of bat gets into a dreamlike island, then just flies the time of combat and brings huge damage to dreamlike island with Yan. That bat cloud regiment just high inflight in 800 meters, but when it flies to the distance to conceal to divide time only 500 meters in the unmanned machine in cloud regiment, it suddenly stops under go forward of step, like this suspend in mid air motionless.Then this bat cloud regiment turn around get down, incredibly toward the Yan on the maritime customs mansion to fly high speed to keep on hurtling. The Yan at this time flies looks of resuming the oneself already, he is thin to certainly looking at bat cloud that the swoop comes down of regiment, don't worry too much of appearance.After all Yan's flying me is an absolute being class superior, have strong fighting strength, plus him to still have unmanned machine to divide time an assistance, much less is a dreamlike island here, is the place that he conducts for several years, is all big power weapon and various trap everywhere here, the Yan flies to battle to have weather land utilization here a person and of absolute advantage, basically can't fear a bat man. Bat cloud regiment flies to the Yan to fly after the in front, no longer go forward, but was rounding Yan to fly a quite a few turn.Then these absorb blood bat to stop to fly in front in the Yan, they come together together and slowly became a man.

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