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    See with own eyes these bats after oneself's in front became a living mankind, the Yan flies heart in shocking matchless, though he before has already seen a bat change person, but brief that time, he basically didn't see clear bat is how to change an adult.Have already met a lot of odd affairses of time before Yan flies, however even if those affairses are again odd, can also explain to understand with science.But this bat greatly changes to live a person, but has already completely overturned his imagination extreme limit. Flies in the Yan of in the global view Chris Sabo Jersey, only self-discipline then the successful animal and plant can change an adult, otherwise the bat can not become a person.Isn't this young white man man a person, in fact is a demon?And still absorb blood bat most terriblely in the demon demon?Just this bat demon why spotless, look calmness peaceful, whole body have no the least bit murderous look?He not is come to dreamlike island to cause trouble? The Yan flies to see the young white man man who wears lounge suit after changing magically to model, in his heart flash across some very strange viewpoints.However he right away get away from from these entertain foolish ideases, say in Chinese:"How do you do!I am the island lord Yan of dreamlike island to fly, my private territory here, who are you ?" If that young white man man seem to be not to understand Yan flies, although he wants to express to come from F the poise of the gentleman, can keep hanging up of looking at Yan to fly.The Yan flies heart in on moving, cut over own language into English right away, say same words again 1 time.But that young white man man equally receive to force and explain that he still doesn't understand English. The method that the Yan flies to before make use of to be enlightened quickly learned three kinds of languages, they were English, Japanese and idea respectively foolish benefit language.After seeing a young white man man not to understand Chinese and English, the Yan flies and then again cuts over language Dave Concepcion Jersey, ownly ask words to change idea foolish benefit language.Let the Yan flies to have never thought of BE, that young white man man incredibly understands idea foolish benefit language. Hear the Yan flies of after asking words, the corner of mouth of that young white man man moved several bottoms, then used very Jian puckery idea the foolish benefit language ask a way:"Who are you ?" The Yan flies a bit curious, this young white man man since can understand oneself's idea foolish benefit language, but oneself just clearly introduced an identity, this person why still need to ask he or she is who?The Yan flies now is idea foolish benefit language master, acquaints with very much to the idea foolish benefit language, so he can listen to the foolish benefit language of the idea of one this young white man man pronounce some oddness, it is some languages that is like several thousand thou of year ago Rome periods, not normal regulationses pronunciation of modern idea foolish benefit language. However the Yan flies to still keep again saying:"I am the island lord Yan of dreamlike island to fly, who are you ?Come to dreamlike island to do what?" That white man man knits the brows a way:"Do you make the Yan fly?But this name is very unfamiliar, didn't completely and never once listen to ……" Recently these year, Yan's flying it may be said is a best man of the hour in the world, his situation even once covered a rice country the old president who likes to do a demon.Can say as long as the person who concerns news, there is no incognizant Yan flying of.Even if don't read news Eugenio Suarez Jersey, basically also produce with the dreamlike island of product.But have never thought the incredibly incognizant Yan of at present this young white man man flies of appearance, even have never heard the Yan flies of name. The Yan flies to say:"This Sir, I have already said two my name.If you understand courtesy, so should speak own name, and you arrived at the purpose of dreamlike island." That young white man man deliberated for a while and said:"I am the person who understands courtesy most , because I am a gentleman.But really sorry, I have already forgotten my name, so can not tell you I call what.However if you would like to of words, you can call me as"I am who"." The Yan flies to knit the brows a way:"" I am who"?Is this a name?" The young white man man says:"I lost memory, don't know who I am, where come, arrive where go.For making me every moment think of to find back my own memory, I now call me am by myself "I am who"!" The Yan flies one Zheng and had never thoughted a strong bat man of this real strenght to incredibly lose memory.However he breath a sigh of relief right away, since the bat man had no memory, so ignore from which aspect to say, he can't is an enemy with he. Hence the Yan flies to ask a way:"I is who, do you come to dreamlike island to want to do what?" I is who say:"I don't know that I even really don't know am called a dreamlike island here.I this several in the last yearses always aimless fly in the sky, I once flew a plain and stepped over high mountain and sailed across field ice, then arrived at ocean up.But when I close to this waters, suddenly had a touch in the heart, I felt there is the person to know me here, this person can find back lost memory for me.So I this several in the last yearses contained target for the first time, so came right away here, hoped to get that person's help." Making sure me is who be not come to dreamlike island to seek I to bother of after, the Yan flies to just let go of heart.This some persons who are like China legendary devil are also absolute being classes superior, and the real strenght is strong, if he is to come to dreamlike island to cause disturbance Joey Votto Jersey, the Yan flies meeting really have a headache.O.K. I am a whose purpose to just want to here to find back his memory, so come to say currently, I is who isn't the enemy whom the Yan flies. The Yan flies to say:"I is who, you feel dreamlike island up have who is the person who knows you, I find out him for you, and let he to help you." I is who point at Yan to fly to say:"You, you should be the person who knows me, you are also the only person who can help me." The Yan flies to surprisedly point at oneself's nose and says:"I?You were certain you don't speak amiss?I can be responsible of tell you, I am basically incognizant you, how help you?" I is who say:"I don't know as well is why, but there is a kind of very special thing on your body, this kind of thing exactly is what I also can not say it.But when I saw you for the first time, I understand, definitely had a very deep origin between I and you, so your affirmation will know me, can also help me." The Yan flies a positive color to say:"I is who, my individual sympathizes with the situation of your memory loss very much and also really wants to help you.But excuse me, I was true of incognizant you, can not also find back lost memory for you.So you still go to the memory that other places think way instauration you, in case held up a condition here at me." I is who say:"My intuition always can't cheat me Johnny Bench Jersey, so I would think only then you can help me.Otherwise of words, while can'ting in the sky fly, either I discover you aring made track for to kill, make moves have already saved you.I for the second time after meeting with you, still discovered that kind of on you special thing, I know, you know concerning my everything, and only you can help me.Even if you can not help me now, but once the opportune moment arrive, you will definitely help mine." Before Yan flies this just understand I is who why will suddenly block little Zuo in the sky, saved oneself, originally I is who fly Yan to mistaken for the person who can help him.However Yan flies to dare to swear, he is a true incognizance, I am who.He gets unmanned machine to even have no to lead a country before dividing time, also any incognizant foreigner.And get after unmanned machine divide time, he even if went abroad to is also very quick and then returned, although knew a few foreigners, but the inside of these people don't include this memory loss of I am who. And get unmanned machine to divide time the memory that the Yan flies behind to greatly increase, basically can't appear the circumstance for forgetting.The Yan flew to just cautiously recall a time of, detection ignore at when, where, he has never seen this, I is who, nature's couldn'ting know, either me is who. But I is who but persistence oneself's viewpoint, think that the Yan flies to know him and also wants to let the Yan fly to help him.Hence the Yan flew a viewpoint, his starting observing me was a whose action, discover I is who although the appearance that looks a gentleman, but his words and actions bearing is a bit immature.I is who not only lost memory, is a head to look to seem some appearances of ineffective light also, he doesn't have normal person of clever strength, recognize a dead reason. The Yan flew to think for a while and said:"I is who, I tell the truth with you, I am incognizant you.But if you would like to believe me, you can temporarily stay on the dreamlike island and accept our medical treatment of dreamlike island.We the dreamlike island laboratory will carry on a detailed check to your body circumstance and carry on a medical science research and find out the reason that you lose memory, then make use of the method help of treatment, you find back memory."

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