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    Seeing me is who would like to stay in the dreamlike island, and obey the regulation system of dreamlike island, the Yan flies happy not already.Is previous for the sake of the self-preservation, Yan's flying has never livinged to have of make a destruction, and succeed to mold this destruction into the representative of mysterious influence, and fly to provide a safe protection to the Yan.And Yan's flying is a bully with a coward's heart, carry on the back the mysterious organization of depending this basic nonentity, let other influences don't already and not be afraid of to dare to make moves to the dreamlike island easily. The Yan flies to become an absolute being class superior and owns super strong real strenght;He still has a strong power unmanned machine to divide time;The dreamlike island still has a great deal of high-tech weapon at the same time.At under the circumstance like this Ken Griffey Jr Jersey, if have a nation to want to make use of pure military force to deal with a dreamlike island, in addition to there being obviously short plank in nuclear weapon machining, dreamlike island and Yan's flying physically has already been getting more invincible. The Yan flies although there is certain advantage in the surface real strenght, he is also huge concealed to suffer from, he is frightened to appear a kind of circumstance, that is the absolute being class the team of the superiors the regiment launch aggression to the dreamlike island at the same time.The amount of this superior from absolute being class in world combine not much, as if precious and rare similar, but one of their weights very heavy, some similar at the ultimate end weapon similar existence, the destructive power is strong, the root of place nation. So the Yan flies a felling of having a kind of power list dint Gu usually, because in addition to himself, the dreamlike island there is no other absolute being classes superior, once the attack that faces other absolute being class superiors, he will have no of assistant and support.Calculate Yan to fly to want to develop several more absolute being classes a superior, also can not find the person and method of development.Is a Yan to fly himself/herself, under the sistuation that meet after innumerable, also experience three years to just become an absolute being class superior.So want to develop an absolute being class a superior to come out, don't know resources and time that to expend how much, and still not necessarily succeed. I is who hasty find back my own memory Luis Castillo Jersey, the Yan flies as long as the confidence likes this degree, perhaps can use for me is who find back memory for the condition, let I is who really lift a hand to for dreamlike island, by so doing, the high level strength of the dreamlike island appeared the circumstance for doubling. The Yan flies to believe, as long as am a whose body to carry on to me careful check, sooner or later can find out to cause I is who the reason for losing memory.Then develop medicine for corresponding according to this cause of disease, can help when the time comes I is who resume to remember.And I is who some is like the bat of the China legend demon, his body in definitely conceal now science and technology still not construable secret.Once the laboratory of am a whose body to carry on a research to me, perhaps the horse can have science detection of unprecedented in history. That time, Yan's flying is truely without equal in strength.He as long as seeking a door to go to and one by one kill all of all enemies, need not be worried that someone of the Earth can threaten he or she any further. I is who say:"I and that woman fought a , we totally beat for a days and one nights, but end draw.I didn't win that woman, that woman also what then not I.But I have an intuition, I still have other ability don't use out, can otherwise vanquish that woman." The little Zuo makes moves to assassinate Yan to fly and wants to kill Yan to fly, so the little Zuo is the enemy whom the Yan flies, the Yan flies to kill her.But now listen to after I am whose words, the Yan flies to feel that oneself becomes an absolute being class superior on the whole Michael Lorenzen Jersey, uncertain ability the horse kill little Zuo.But as long as pull I is who, is finding out the movements of little Zuo, two people make moves together, there was enough confidence shotted killing little Zuo. I is who say:"We fight in the sky first and get into water underneath war again afterwards and finally fight in the sea surface.We beat for a days and one nights, then in the distance that moved thousand kilometers of the unconscious.Arrived an end, I no longer knew I exactly where.The time that meets an islet afterwards, our both parties all utterly exhausted, so just stop belligerence no longer." I is who say:"Do not remember, I originally to the circumstance of this waters was to understand very much and even had no impression to the position of that islet." The Yan flies a surprised, say:"Why?" The Yan flies spirit one earthquake and says:"Steamer's connecting to walk that woman is when of affair?" The Yan flies some disappointment, he originally still wanted to make use of the movements that the satellite net in sky looks for that steamer.But was already a night two hours ago 9:00 was many, he hadn't waked up that time, and related waters early utter darkness one, calculate the Yan fly to transfer a satellite net to carry on investigating, also detection not sea surface of any thing. I is who say:"After that woman leaves, I and then in that group of islands take a rest a period of time, just the incarnation becomes bat cloud regiment and flies in the ocean.Then I with lend heart to specially respond, had been arriving at here, found out you.But if you want I return to that islet, I can not accomplish." Since temporarily can not find little Zuo, Yan's flying will look for little Zuo to be into first-class important event as well to do.He thought for a while and said:"I is who, since you would like to stay in the dreamlike island and so follow me, I will arrange a quiet room to live for you." But when 2 people will soon leave a maritime customs mansion Pete Rose Jersey, I is who took a look the sky, point at a direction to say:"The Yan flies, the yonder cloud and mist conceals an airplane and looks to make as if to launch an attack against here, does it want to deal with you?Need not to need me to polish off it for you?" The Yan flies to hurriedly say:"Don't attackstone it, that is our airplane of dreamlike island, it is placed in to attackstone status, because it carries to protect a defense line of dreamlike island safety." I is who say:"I can be like bat after becoming bat similar from in shoot a super voice wave, make use of this kind of super voice the wave probe into the target on all sides for me and let me know a correct flight direction.My bat divides time an amount to totally have 9999, when so many bats divide time to shoot super voice wave together, these super voice waves will be placed in 1 kind to mysteriously fold to add status, then the fishing for of super voice wave ability will get significant to build up.So though that airplane has the ability of some absorption super voice waves, but in great quantities super voice wave be still can not the absorbability is over, they come back from a glint, and I knew the status of this airplane." The super voice wave that strengthens a version folded to add status to crack the invisible ability of unmanned machine a while and let the unmanned machine that the Yan flies divide time to expose thoroughly.However the Yan flies and has no and worries too much, because I am a super whose voice wave and fold and add status very special, be not what super voice wave all the ability be strengthened to crack the degree of the unmanned machine invisible ability. Thought of here, the Yan flies to say:"Originally you still have the ability of this kind of absolute being, however while hoping that you are in the dreamlike island I don't use own super voice as far as possible wave, because this may result in negative effect for the residents of dreamlike island very much." The Yan flies to took a look I is who some emaciated bodies, ask a way:"I is who, you are to have what meet?Why can your body become bat cloud regiment?Return ability at empty high speed fly?" I is who affirmative have a lot of secrets, but he lost memory.So though the Yan flies to want to know that I am a whose secret, I is who also is not likely to fly to answer a doubt for Yan. Words sound just fall, the Yan flies disappear disappear, but I is who again the incarnation bat cloud regiment, followed Yan fly together disappear disappear, then in the Yan fly of led down the core district of dreamlike island. Since already I is who please arrive a dreamlike island, the Yan flew not to take care of the problem of these details.He prepares to wait a dreamlike island to be steady after settling down and make use of various equipments and instrument am a whose body to carry on a detailed examination to me, find out to conceal at me is who the big secret in the body. When the Yan flies to settle down good I is who, return to the time of oneself's house, is already many at 1:00 A.M., discover that oneself's home is still bright light.He pushes away a door and sees gentle and soft to sit upright in the sofa and looks some exhausted appearances, but her eyes have been staring at room front door.See after Yan fly back, the gentleness immediately hurtles to come over and rushes toward into Yan to fly a bosom and cries to make a noise in mouth, the dead dead embraces Yan to fly not to let go.

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