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    The rocket blast-off of dreamlike island not only wants to shoot platform to add weapon ammunition for three days radicle weapon, but also wants to release satellite cutthroat on the different space orbit.Before Yan flies for the sake of the peaceful development of dreamlike island, don't set out cutthroat satellite in the space, however in the middle of being placed in war status with rice country after, he lent this opportunity to set out his own cutthroat satellite in the space right away.The dreamlike island has to own the ability to can demolish other people's satellite at any time, so when the super rocket gets into dissimilarity flight orbit after, start continuously and outwardly releasing cutthroat satellite. After these cutthroat satellites soar into space Anthony Davis Kentucky Jersey, the flight orbit of rapid transformation oneself, then concealed body, get into dormancy status, wait for an activating of dreamlike island.The cutthroat satellite that compares a rice country, the cutthroat satellite of dreamlike island not only owns stronger mobile ability, but also owns to more terriblely kill to harm dint, its invisible ability is most decisive very violent.These cutthroat satellite if not that carrying on the flight track of big scope change, very difficult be probed by the other people's satellite system. There are these satellites cutthroats that fly in the different orbit, plus the skies radicle weapons of being located in the Earth synchronous orbit satellite height to shoot platform, dreamlike island is already in the space well-deserved super Ba lord, come to a decision the life and deaths alive or deads of other national satellite.Even if rice country hereafter resumed satellite system, as long as the Yan flies would like to, at any time can in cutty time in again rice country all of the satellite destroy and die at the strength lock of rice country is on the earth …… This super rocket continuously releases satellite cutthroat and arrived an end, it flies up 36000 kilometers of the Earths synchronous orbit, starts shooting platform to add weapon ammunition for the sky radicle weapon of three different positions and helps them to resume all war powers Ben Simmons Lsu Jersey. The intelligence report ability of the rice country cia is still very strong of, Be received benefit to their previous intelligence report networks to constuct, though there being no nation dare openly defiant actly to rice country notification intelligence report concerning dreamlike island, but under effort of the rice country cia personnel, the dreamlike island again carried on the intelligence report that the satellite shoots or was known by the rice the people.When this intelligence report experiences successively all sorts of hardship to finally present rice country old president's in front, he also just looking at this latest intelligence report, temporarily take not to serve as what should to measure. BE more opposite than a rice country the disorder at this time is unbearable, much better on the dreamlike island.After there being this timing a buffer, six Ping pings outward release of asking for help and getting response, majority of nations are discovering in the world the violent real strenght of dreamlike island after all chose to take side to the dreamlike island, they can't give offense to a dreamlike island at least, so they all adjusted to send a great deal of the local service goes to a dreamlike island to carry on a personnel of transfer Carmelo Anthony Syracuse Jersey. Flies in the Yan of in the plan, dreamlike airport all construction completion after, guest's discharge in every year will attain terrible 300,000,000 people.The dreamlike airport just completed engineering now, however even if is so, it can also complete 100,000,000 people's guest's discharge to swallow to vomit for a year.After a great deal of aerobus flew toward dreamlike airport, the high intelligence of dreamlike airport turns a management to finally develop power, under the conductor of artificial intelligence"fantasy", the whole airport with unprecedented high-efficiency revolve, just ten hours of service declines, sent back more than 30 myriad people China.Certainly, these withdrawing a personnel is temporarily all Gu body to leave, can not take baggage and only have so just can in enough short time in the luck walk more people. After making sure that the rice country temporarily can't carry on nuclear weapon machine attack, pleasure boat and cargo vessel that moor at dreamlike neighborhood waters in the island also return to dreamlike island wharf and leave more personnel's evacuations through a sea road.Those personnels who temporarily can not leave a dreamlike island, they the refuge shelter that can hide in the underground in, though the environment of refuge shelter is a bit bad, but the food and clothing don't worry Derrick Rose Memphis Jersey, and the electric power can use and sink into to disorder rice the people within status than the ocean the other shore much more comfortable …… Dreamlike island time of the second day 8:00 a.m., the people service machine of an eagle country airline lands in the dreamlike island.The rice the people of one big cluster of in western dress and leather shoes just walked get off the airplane, was connected by the member of team from escort brigade in dreamlike island in outside skeleton armor and the material spider battle platform walk, directly sent to the underground refuge shelter of dreamlike island. Yan's flying doesn't trust very much to the rice the people now, if these someone in the rice the people take position fixed position machine, then the rice country suddenly shoot nuclear weapon machine and make use of this position fixed position machine to attackstone dreamlike island and Yan and fly, so dreamlike island and Yan fly and then may face huge danger.So wear to think for the sake of own safety, these rice the peoples are after descending airplane right away be carried on strict physical examination Gordon Hayward Butler Jersey, ensure their body up can't have any electronics equipments. The time that is decision and the rice the people talks location, Yan's flying don't also receive them in the office on the ground, but will talk the location settles for the underground refuge shelter of 200 meters deep place, be don't make a surprise attack his/her own opportunity for any rice the people. These rice the peoples take special mission, they on a plane continuously of deliberation how complete the task this time, they are continuous of analytical the Yan fly of personality characteristics, want to pay the peaceful negotiation of of a lowest price completion and dreamlike island.However when they descended airplane, after discovering to greet their to only have ferocious outside skeleton armor and terrible spider battle platform, their body is short right away half, because these two kinds of very severe weapons they the rice country haven't canned own now, the real strenght of dreamlike normal regulations weapon in the island seems to be still at the rice country on …… After getting into the temporary talks center of underground refuge shelter, rice square of the negotiation personnel fully has 13 people, they the division of labour is explicit, incorporation consistent, but sit opposite the dreamlike island at them negotiate a personnel only have 2 people, that is the Yan to fly with six Ping pings. In this simple and crude board room Ja Morant Murray State Jersey, everyone is just preparing to formally negotiate, the rice square negotiates a person in the regiment to suddenly say:"The Yan flies a Sir, please hold on a moment, before this negotiation start, I request to meet with you alone!" The Yan flies to see past, discover the person who talks to incredibly is the beautiful daughter of rice country old president, is also the external world is so called of first daughter.This the first daughter is previous and then usually represent a country's old president of rice to take part in various international conference and go back and forth in front of leader in all countries, at diplomatic have achievements, is a rice of the diplomacy Nova of country, but had never thoughted an old president of rice country to also send this time own daughter. The Yan flies to say:"Was the negotiation to start right away?What do we meeteach other stem alone?" The first daughter says:"The Yan flies a Sir, I have count for much intelligence report to want with you and carry on alone communication, this is possible to relate to our both parties' destiny." If the Yan flies to think of an old president of rice country to say in the telephone right away, he says:"Can, we first and alone meet!" Get the Yan flies of permission after, rice square 12 negotiation representativeses continuously back a field and just leave a first daughter.The first daughter looking at Yan to fly nearby of six Ping pings, say:"The Yan flies a Sir, can please six Ping Ms. Ping also temporarily leave for a while, I want with you alone talks!" The Yan flies to shake head a way:"Excuse me, my affair can't the taboo is six Ping pings.Even if you wait for a second to tell me what the affair of secret, I will also say with six Ping pings right away.So if you what is up can say now, if don't mean to say hereafter not be saying." First daughter Leng for a while, after her father became a rice president Guo, her position becomes social intercourse socially prominent lady among nations for the ship rises with the tide, whom all say ascend a few words, but have never thought Yan's flying completely don't do her the honor.

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