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    Previous rice country the old president and Yan fly converse of time, once said he discovered some important intelligence report and flew in to go exchanges for this intelligence report and Yan and avoided 2 people's occurrence misunderstanding but let other people's fisherman make profit.Unexpectedly for reaching this purpose, the rice country old president incredibly give°ed own daughter to send in the dreamlike island. In fact the Yan flies already to the situation of rice country old president is what have a guess, but he still keeps wanting to get more detailed intelligence report.He says:"Like, have already had no not related person here now.You say, you have to communicate with me what important intelligence report. One daughter the face up peep out a difficult facial expression and say:"The Yan flies a Sir, probably you wait under will feel that the my words is very absurd, but invites you to believe, my spirit is very normal, I didn't attempt to amuse you, I say of everythings are all true James Harden Arizona State Jersey." The Yan flies to say:"You first say being not true me to have my own ability to make judgment." The positive color of first daughter says:"You feel that my father's personality is usually very peculiar, works not according to convention card?" The Yan flies to say:"Is quite good, your father talks but has no letter and tells a lie into sex, is just that his a person draw up a rice country several years of civilization and free appearance to expose and show people the true feature of clear rice country." First daughter a bit embarrassed, she says:"My father's first half's livinging is a successful businessman, wealth is counted with USD 1,000,000,000.If he always talks and has no letter like this, so his company isn't likely to develop situation like this till today.In fact at before he declare to run for a rice president Guo, all of his personalities are very normal, and don't seem to be now so ……bad!" Six Ping pings of flank ask a way:"Your meaning is to say, you father's personality greatly change, be declare to run for a rice from he does president Guo start?" The first daughter says:"Is quite good Jimmy Butler Marquette Jersey, after declared to run for a rice president Guo, my father the personality greatly change and usually do some puzzling affairs and say some puzzling of words, have no anyone to know that he is exactly just thinking what.After he is the last rice president Guo, this kind of status is also severity, I seem incognizant he similar." Six Ping pings ask a way:"You are his daughter, his most close person, you definitely know he why will become this appearance, to?" The first daughter shakes head a way:"Is us these nearby person, don't know as well my father why will become this appearance, because he always at enmity with we say the affair of this aspect.If not is that he suddenly makes me come a dreamlike island and lets me carries special mission, I also not know his personality why will take place so huge change." The Yan flies heart in on moving, feel guessing of in the mind again near several cents, he asks a way:"Why will his personality become now this appearance?" The first daughter says:"When my father declares to run for a rice president Guo, he discovered a very strange affair, that was the drawer inside of his office will puzzlingly appear an envelope, there is a piece of letter paper in that envelope and write on the letter paper some to future guesses Kemba Walker Uconn Jersey, and to my father how run for a rice president Guo's suggestion ……" Flank six Ping pings are a bit shocked, moving of her hand subconscious for a while, incredibly knock down the water cup of table, the tea and drinks in the cup flows to get all of places BE.However she seems to don't realize and peep out a shocked facial expression on her face.She just just knew that the valley must recruit is how make use of to predict the future ability beguilement Yan flies and also heard the valley must recruit of frank, but the rice country with never thoughts ocean the other shore the old president would also meet an envelope and letter paper that suddenly appears. On the contrary is a Yan to fly, early had guess to this, so at hear have no after this intelligence report what respond too greatly.He says:"Whether that envelope suddenly appears, who don't know as well what method it is when passing to put into and be like to appear without basis.Even may your father just met a hard nut to crack, this envelope the meeting is in momentary, then is the contents of letter paper it your father that wanted knowing news most ?" The first daughter shockedly asks a way:"The Yan flies a Sir Kevin Durant Texas Jersey, that envelope and letter paper be like this and suddenly appear of, are you how to know this envelope and letter paper circumstance?" The Yan flies light say:"I have my intelligence report outlet naturally, you continue to keep on saying?" The first daughter says:"My father on the time in beginning is don't believe the contents written on this envelope and letter paper, but in discovering letter paper to the future guess and the suggestion is correctly after, he believed the contents in the envelope right away Kyrie Irving Duke Jersey.His beginning takes the suggestion of letters paper as a golden rule and precious precept strictly observance and performance, this also causes his personality's greatly changing and repeatedly announces some speech and standpoints that leave through the Pan way in the public situation.My father is all elections president the inside be not seen most okay, who can't think that he will acquire the victory of end, either.But the miracle appeared, over there under the envelope of the miraculous emergence and the help of the inside letter paper, the successful counterattack of my father, he defeats the biggest presidential campaign popular, became rice president Guo." The Yan flies and six Ping pings this just knows successful inside story of old presidential campaign of rice country, the Yan flies wrinkly the eyebrows ask a way:"Your father has never doubted this envelope and letter paper is who provide?" The first daughter says:"My father once installed a monitor before this table and even installed the most intelligent sensor in the drawer, be wanted to discover how they are appeared.But even if there are so many high new science and technology and equipments, he didn't also discover that envelope and letter paper were how to appears, they appeared without basis like this and had no of background.My father is a protestant, then he thinks that this is God to give his apocalypse, have never doubted its background any further." The Yan flew to see with six ping pings mutually for a while, was all suddenly realize in the heart.Envelope and letter paper and Yan of rice country old president fly to get of look exactly alike, the only dissimilarity is what Yan flies is pass a valley must recruit to get, but rice the country's old president pass drawer to appear by himself/herself.Fly in the Yan and rice country after death, old president what to stand is the same backstage manipulator, this backstage manipulator operates the whole. Under this backstage manipulator's operation Larry Bird Indiana State Jersey, it is the not only impossible to be a rice of president Guo's person became rice president Guo, is the Yan that originally is an otaku to fly to also become real strenght strong, had dreamlike island as is a base, became many a classes of worlds.Then under this backstage manipulator's design, dreamlike island and rice country because the gentle and soft antinomy is placed in war status and almost demolishes a world …… After wanting to understand the backstage manipulator's layout, the Yan flies and six Ping pings feel fear to this backstage manipulator's ability.Because no one can know that the future is how to revolve, also no one canned completely once hide the other people's ear eyes, will write the letter paper of the envelope of full word to silently put in a drawer.And this backstage manipulator's layout is very unimaginable, from come to see currently now, this scheme outstripped the Earth mankind all ages the upper limit of the scheme. Is oneself's getting unmanned machine to divide time this backstage manipulator's operation then the Yan fly some doubts?If the unmanned machine divides time is also a backstage manipulator to operate of words, so who is this backstage manipulator ?His real strenght exactly include much strong?What is his operating the purpose that dreamlike island and rice country carry on war status ?Is causing the gentleness of dreamlike island and rice country war how to become most key pawn? The Yan is flying the thinking that starts sinking into a deep time, six Ping pings of flank see Yan's flying once in a very long while don't talk, open mouth to ask a way:"Say so come, your father suddenly aims at the gentleness of returning the rice country this time, should be able to be that letter paper's reminding.The boon lets me guesses and definitely says on the letter paper that the gentle and soft body ascends important intelligence report concerning dreamlike island, rice country as long as holding tight a gentleness, can get the huge benefits of dreamlike island, and acquire this huge benefits need not to pay to serve as what risk.Hence your father feels to opportunity knocks but once, would recklessly make moves to grasp to catch a gentleness.But in the process of being whole to plan to carry out in, but discover write completely differently on the whole activity project and letter paper, but most the great surprise is to grasp to catch an object gentleness incredibly be killed by explosion, is so?"

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