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    The first daughter says:"We the rice country is true of just want to hold tight a gentleness, have never wanted and killed by explosion her.The wanting to know rice foundation of a nation soil is our main fields, we own ample hand and high-tech weapon, how may slowly could not grasp again gentleness?We just show concern about a gentle and soft safety, just don't use with all strength.But though we are thus careful, accident still take place, at that time in the neighborhood got empty an area to have a fighter jets f-15s just while carrying out to train a task Lonzo Ball Ucla Jersey, being it to fly to the gentle and soft top of head, a bomb appeared breakdown to escape from and at the right moment shot the gentleness on the ground, just resulted in this false war." The Yan flies to cross-examine a way:"You with what say that this is an accident?" The first daughter says:"My father after discoversing gentleness being killed by explosion, he at that time also Meng, jail the airplane pilot of that fighter jets f-15s right away, Be to them carry on in detail checking and interrogating.No matter how we investigate, the results all discovers that true being just an accident.This kind of accident who don't want to take place as well, but it is to take place like this, and result in gentle and soft young lady of the accident die, we can say to you sorry!" That backstage manipulator is very severe, is paying no attention to compromise to make a quite a few accident, and these accidents will result in very serious result, people basically could not seek flaw.The backstage manipulator's ability has already gone against a sky Michael Jordan North Carolina Jersey, because of who don't know that the affairs that oneself suffers isn't what backstage manipulator operates as well. The Yan flies to ask a way:"Does your father declare to take part in the rice country status election to is when?" The first daughter says:"Three year agos of May." The Yan flies again and six Ping pings to see one eye, the rice country's old president takes part in a rice country the presidential election is three year agos, while the valley must recruit for the first time appear in Africa is also three year agos, even Yan's flying to get unmanned machine to divide time is also in three year agos.The segment definitely has a close connection this time, be don't know these connections to exactly are what …… The first daughter says:"Seeing to you should believe my words, however under the normal circumstance no one will believe these words,have you ever met an affair like this as well?" Six Ping pings but don't answer this question, she cross-examines a way:"Your father concretely receives excessive little envelope, which does the contents of letter paper mainly have?" The first daughter takes out nearby of the document clip and clip a document to open, see the document clip in put up to 100 envelopes, there are also more than 100 letter papers.Most below a few letter papers returning is tored lousy, however again drive to be stained with. She passes these envelope and letter paper to the Yan to fly and says:"While starting getting these envelopes and lettering paper most , my father fears other people to know his secret, so burned down envelope and letter paper a lot of.However after is a president afterwards, he feels the whole all firmness Michael Jordan Unc Jersey, didn't burn down these letter papers any further, but maintained they are well.My father allows me to hand over to these letter papers you, say that you saw behind and then will comprehend his way of doing." The Yan flew to once connect these envelope and letter paper and started looking into the contents of the letter paper top writing.And must recruit in the valley where the letter paper getting is different, all of the contents that write on these letter papers are English, and is print with the printer, but the valley must recruit to take out of letter paper up whole is the Chinese brush-pen word for doing …… The first daughter says:"Contents and actual circumstance of the writing in discovering end letter paper after aring quite the contrary, my father finally discovers not to, he starts doubting the real purpose of these letter papers.Especially dreamlike island and we rice country after opening hostilities, my father more and more feels that these letter papers contain problem, he feels the back having a backstage manipulator, being this backstage manipulator to push him to open hostilities to the dreamlike island at him Paul Pierce Kansas Jersey.So he just tells me the beginning and end of this affair, and make me get to dreamlike island, tell these affairs to the Yan to fly a Sir to know, we the rice country isn't your enemy of dreamlike island, we are also victims, we own a common enemy, and that is the backstage manipulator who pushes your my both parties toward the war." If the Yan flies didn't respond to a first daughter, what he read ten lines at one glanced turns over to see these letter papers, very quick finish seeing all of the contentses of inside.The contents of letter paper has a lot of old presidents in the valleys who all are teaching a rice how to take a risk obtain the biggest incomes, but at finally those be tored lousy lead of letter paper up write of but is with gentleness- related estimate in the dreamlike island. And the first daughter before say of so Vince Carter Unc Jersey, affirm on the letter paper there is the saving machine of a secret on the gentle and soft body, inside whole high-tech techniques that is a dreamlike island, the rice the people can easily acquire these high-tech techniques.Then the rice the people can also beat a dreamlike island and wait until Yan to fly door the small world after come back from the bottom of sea light, everythings all become settled situation, and the rice country will become the biggest winner. Rice country old president completely be carry out according to this foreknowledge of, may be to discover to deviate the foreknowledge on the letter paper afterwards, he becomes angry from embarrassment under tear to pieces those letter papers.May want to reserve this evidence afterwards, he is again stained with this a few letter papers back. Both parties' information is one contrast, Yan's flying the concrete operation to that backstage manipulator is getting clearer.That backstage manipulator passes so-called foreknowledge ability first to let the Yan fly and rice the country's old president taste sweetener and step by step lure the prediction that they believe letter paper more.Wait until time is propitious after, the backstage manipulator start carrying on to harvest, is just a layout, let the Yan fly and rice country old president double the double appear a mistake, while this mistake be good enough to let dreamlike island and rice country break out the most vigorous conflict, even is take place war …… Just this backstage manipulator costs so big energy to set up, just for letting rice country and dreamlike island be placed in war status, like this have to him what advantage?Still have, he flies for the not afraid Yan and rice the country's old president frankly and earnestly carry on exchanges, so be not discover all of a sudden his to exist?Most decisive of BE, who is this backstage manipulator exactly?Why does he want to do like this? The Yan flew to see the first daughter takes to come over of the letter paper after, already accurate method for controling to that backstage manipulator's operation.Just that absolute being ghost of backstage manipulator is unfathomable, incredibly can pry situation in the world in the unconscious Zion Williamson Duke Jersey, invisibly operate Yan to fly and the activity of rice country old president, this very unimaginable. Then the Yan fly and thought of a problem, he carries on a meeting with the special envoy of rice country old president now, and communicate intelligence report, then discovered to conceal a behind the scene black hand, then knew oneself already in the calculating of other people.Words like this, is be not represent this backstage manipulator's plan to fail?Again or the talks of the rice country and dreamlike island is the root the backstage manipulator's next move plan?Otherwise with the means that the backstage manipulator appears and disappears mysteriously, how may leave so many letter paper evidence again the old president is to the rice country, also let the Yan fly to know true facts? The current conduct and actions of at the thought of oneself is probably all what other people calculate like very much, the Yan flies some nerveless felling.That backstage manipulator doesn't know to have what miraculous ability, incredibly can design scheme thus naturally, allow who also can not tell flaw, the Yan flies to basically can not distinguish Chu, he meets of the affair is abiogenetic, is still that the backstage manipulator plan a push of, this makes him can get away from the backstage manipulator's control to basically have no confidence to he.

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    Here you will be able to find the birthday for all of different idols that we have profiles for. We have not added all the birthdays yet, so please be read more in Idol Birthdays.

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