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    It connects a way in Li Yu:"We to his inside situation understanding still stay around file in the school up of data.If this continues to have already lost the glorious tradition that we die a class." The clock Bai takes feet up the table:"Just put a few cockroaches to let in teacher Zhuo's drawer before she automatically resigned, this teacher Liao drive black several thousands of haven't shrunken back as well, really enough stubborn."On thinking of him to say so many words with old elder sister, fury Teng Teng, call a way:"Must camp, the whole dead he!……Seem my language lesson originally have been already tored and wait next how cheat?" 4 opens a document to clip and says:"The recent use date that this document clips during 9:30 of this morning clock, in have two sets of of tryings, and is all course that we just once learned, the book meeting of trying of very possible teacher Liao is in these two sets of topics Damascus Kitchen Knives."He immediately try book to download in the computer, then cut off a network. Immediately call to language lesson representative shell Xiao Dan:"All all handed over to you, come out answer lane right away, waited handed to copy 1, let teacher Liao play by ear, must promise that everybody can take above 80 cents." The shell Xiao Dan pushes to pull a mouse and says with smile:"Teacher Liao is still true strange, seek this kind of topic, however doesn't relate to, is all my strong point."Her luck points if fly, occasionally turn over to check book, occasionally calm down to deliberate, on section 2 living creature lesson work well topics all. At that moment someone carries on the shoulder right away the computer secretly slips away from the back door, there is one low short fence of cutting in the small flower nursery of the campus east side, fly a body but lead, run about wildly several 100 meters to find out a text to print a store, pressed the text filed on the computer to print 46, followed and run about wildly to return to a school, skulk, as if the spy of irruptive enemy country military base, avert from Xun to lead director Chiu big strangely patrol Damascus Chef Knives, stick a wall of root slowly but go, stay away probing of guidance teacher Bu, successfully return to classroom. On the whole not Ru mission!Living creature teacher still just the on the stage analyze earthworm specimen and explain in detail how they are cloning, don't realize someone's at all and enter, also lift bulky computer and one Luo carbon paper. The answer quickly sends forth in each classmate hand and connects most and has the self-confidence the classmate for testing a high mark also but it isn't respectful. "Mama of, what topic is this ?'Choice:How many personal servant girls does the Gu treasure jade have?A has no;B, 4;C, 6;D, 8.''In red and black s leading role in connect is how to die?A commits suicide by hanging a suicide;B dies of illness;C, crime of passion;D breaks a set death penalty.''Thinking:Try to elaborate a pig eight quit a relationship with Tang Seng.'Teacher Liao also too abnormal condition, this kind of topic he can seek come out."Many people just saw a topic a silly eye already, luckily below fish-eye shell Xiao the reference answer of the Dan, quickly memorize, or use other unattractive tool Jis to record. After the class, many people all urgently and in a hurry make small action, along with have a class the bell ring, teacher Liao walked on air to clip to try book to walk to come in. "Is very good, see everyone treat this examination very hard, so I not the wave took a lot of time.Sit at the classmate of first row stay by himself/herself a , pass the classmate of behind to the tests again." The students all have no hasty, but leave do to browse the tests topic, bitterness bitterness deliberation.The leaf jade tiger waits once old Liao turn round, quick the bottom pick a piece of blank sheet of paper from the drawer and act hidden, the voice is small, a national spy to make it all have no he good. He is already a point concern object Kitchen Knife Set, the old Liao reflection within glasses sweeps a leaf jade tiger, immediately an arrows step dashes away but up, hold tight his hand:"Hey Hey, cheats zero cent, show me you book son up what to press is what break answer." The leaf's jade tiger innocence replies helplessly handle knob to spread:"Teacher, this is my preliminary draft paper." Old Liao stares big eyes, that blank sheet of paper is all empty, and a word also has no:Is my over sensitive?Coughing is one- track:"Do not cheat good, test good result with own true level." Wait old Liao to turn to another patrol, the leaf jade tiger silently takes out mineral spring bottle the drop is closely a few transparent liquids, up display a row on the blank sheet of paper of purple red the small word is exactly an answer, he sets down on paper right away if fly, brush to transcribe. Liao learns troops and horses up fiercely turn round, point at a leaf jade tiger way:"The Hey Hey caught you on the whole, dare also play Yin with me.Stop right away bottom, otherwise cancel your examination qualifications." The leaf jade tiger trembles that paper and says with smile:"Teacher doesn't on the whole use preliminary draft paper to go against the law in the examination?" Old Liao walks over there, a picked up preliminary draft paper Survival Knives, top have nothing at all, he puts out strength to push black frame glasses, heart way:"Did I really see a flower eye?" Originally that paper is written full answer with the achromatic Fen Mao dilution liquid, the naked eye is unseen, again the drop goes into sparse NaOH aqua, will produce chemical reaction, change into purple red, as long as slightly adding to flap to concuss, purple red will disappear.The leaf jade tiger connects to play him two, satisfied and matchless in the heart. "Receive a soldier!What is your sneaky seeing?"Old Liao shouts loudly a way. Receive soldier Wan to rise sleeves, up in the air jilt two times, "teacher, I see does none of watches go?" Liao learns the soldier strips off his watch and cautiously examines 1 time, the figure has a little greatly, besides which, how saw is all common again electronic watch just, dial the button of the side pressed the quite a few bottoms all nothing important reaction, he the Gu Nong is a , the handle knob form returns to receive a soldier. Receive a soldier cunning on smiling, continue to stir up watch, connect to press several next button, the dial plays to open, originally and in the center is choiceness of cellular phone, lose on the screen full answer. "The Mu permits blue fall, your sitting don't sit mutually, always slanting do what in the part?"Old Liao is again one to yell. "Idiocy."The Mu permits blue fall a soft-voiced way, lightly touched to touch to inset to nail in the ear on the lower ear lobe, those were a pimping tape recorder headphones, the answers of a will spread into ear from the headphones each time. Liao learned a soldier to go around and inspect for 20 minutes, the nerve drew tight, very careful, very perceptive, but on having no acquisition, have to walk to return to platform, sit on the chair. Chen Zhi Hui toward sitting at most the D of the front row once Liu Jing Nu make a signal by pursing, D Liu Jing immediately understands and pretends to stretch a lazy waist and pays no attention ground to must open very much the leg cent.What she wore is just arrived the blank short skirt of thigh Folding Knife, the leg was such a, nature the spring scenes leaked. Liao learns soldier's vision still in the tour and suddenly sees D the delicate thigh of Liu Jing Bai, a fierce Zhi of breathing, wish:"This time can the Jian arrived a treasure!"Is 16 years old young girl's leg department is always smooth and well-balanced, high round and smooth, fall at 28 years old old bachelor eyes in, the score wasn't only to rise 100%.He wasn't to have never seen before, but wit and humour for peeping particularly let people's concussion enjoy in retrospect and looked to also very have pleasures of life. From descend upwards see, the grain red white hands over the athletic shoes of , the shoe top is clean, set the pink cartoon that wear a pair of to arrive ankle pattern thin cotton sock, the ankle is really delicate ……double the feet present a horoscope form to take under the lesson table and peep out the small pants in white around around unclearly …… Liao learns the soldier picks glasses to wipes and wipe and re- puts on to go and saw more clearly.Good ……well lovely!I am a teacher to really be to, the explosion cigarette was of no account, stuck tortoise portrait don't relate to, the wager ball lost 4,500 pieces of never minds, as long as canning become intimate with these pure female students, I what all don't care. The condition that sees a student discovers that everyone is being devoted to a bitterness and writing, breath a sigh of relief, but the white pants has already scattered him big parts of attention and always cannot help but often on two eyes of Piao, the square feels fully satisfied and doesn't hard keep watch on the students excrescent action any further. "Is surprisingly D Liu Jing the outward appearance is common, the thigh is unexpectedly so good-looking!"Class is over the bell rang, he slowly and longly accepted to try book, in heart hates time over why must be so quick, if again increase one more, not, two hour, that should much good!

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