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    almost one greater half the person all write so, clear someone cheated.In the theory:"Please elaborate a pig eight quit a relationship with Tang Seng."Everybody is a same answer:In fact, Tang Seng's an equal to leadership in team, but pig eight quit his male secretary then, two people all have a very same characteristics, they frequently at the thinking, is more lazy than to work, and or many or little good lucks that all have a woman, this probably can explain they why have similar tastes to reject Sun Wukong by going to in the outside Folding Knife, probably, Tang Seng already to pig eight quit to produce one category in break delicate feelings of carrying on the back the mountain, because pig eight quit to always beg for Tang Seng joyful, usually sweet talk, Tang Seng likes to protect a pig eight to quit shortly very much again ……what a hideous mess. That D Liu Jing is really very gentle and quiet at ordinary times, and very fair lady, prelect her to sit each time carry regular positive, two legs combine Long, this time why …… Liao learns soldier to throw the pen to the table and angrily think:"Fall into trap again!" Lao Tze wastes to be model for others and incredibly makes this low class mistake, too unpardonable.Calculate, temporarily make them pass, hereafter want to seek D Liu Jing to discuss alone …… The lunch still keeps hasing no place solution and arrive the second floor the restaurant help the big kitchen fatty the bowl for washing half for hour and finally get one to have no fleshy of economic fast food, the big was big to stutter to get up:"My old Liao when so poor lead ……in thinking Vinaceous Rosefinch street which hotel eat and then ascend which hotel eat, where use wear to money?Children, the teacher isn't easily!" The class in afternoon will tally up lesson and examine result to become no longer important, whole topics that is relevant to camp over the weekend in the classroom. Liao learns soldier's one eye to sweep to go Survival Knives, D Liu Jing indeed as expected combines leg thoroughly, a blind sides didn't leave, that toward thinking the small pants that the Mu thinks could not see any further.Knock a platform way:"We come first to draw up route, 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, everyone concentrates at doorway in the school and goes by car in the north city station, there is a tramcar that leaves for a spring mountain town, will pass by green jade wave lake, we at green jade wave by the lake camping, there very suitable." "Green jade wave does the lake leave downtown to have 37 kilometers and side also have no small village, this descends like, affirm very freely." Liao learns a soldier to smile to see student's one eye that that talks, "green jade wave the lake is remitted by the pure Ling river to flow but become, the upper stream still has a cascade, river water is very fresh and cool, everyone remembers to take a swimsuit, and we swim so much.""Too good!"One stem the boy shout. "Moreover, the tent, sleeping bag and pot bowl Piao the basin and food, the insectifuge, give first aid little first-aid kit everyone to forget to take.Like going fishing of can also take fishing pole, can still just the forest seek a mushroom, in fine, the fun is a lot of, everyone wents to and then knows."Liao learns soldier to necessarily take thing in writing blackboard and remind that everyone doesn't think that the open country camping is like in the hotel and stops for the night generally and in brief."I want to take my house's babysitter to go together."The summer however says that his words immediately recruit to a burst of derision of classmate. "Moreover, we the class have 46 people and is divided into eight sets, each 6 people, an among those sets are 4 people, I am foolish in 4 people's set like.The classmate cent set that underneath everyone respectively chooses to be good friends with, choose well behind is handed over to me the list by the senior clerk, each one has to have two boys, not in power outside is have certain danger, everyone must work well mental preparation." The set bottom opens a debate Kitchen Knife Set, the classmate liking to get together in peacetime soon made sure a group member, have some the person joins after swaying a short moment he or she likes of group, for example Wu Chun Xing be for the sake of Cui government this handsome boy but join their groups, the summer however joins to receive a soldier that completely be be compelled, because he usually takes delicious thing. The group member's list hands over Liao to learn in the soldier's hand and assign still fairly good.Group 1 is six people, senior clerk Cui government, the member has Wu Chun Xing, clock Bai and Europe sun beautiful Fang and Anne is purely pure, pass Mu cloud."Is not the Cui government that the heel leaf jade tiger is quite good?How to have no in a group?" Group 2 jade tiger of senior clerk, leaf, , member shell Xiao Dan and Chu Xia, beard plan, Chen You Nian and Li Wei.This doesn't at Liao constitute a member to learn soldier's unexpected happening, the leaf jade tiger is pursuing shell Xiao Dan, affirmation will be by all means to invite her together, while beard plan, Chen You Nian is all members of leaves jade tiger groups, this big boy of Li Wei is it happened that again with Chen You Nian well get too ridiculous. Group 3 senior clerk receives a soldier Damascus Chef Knives, in member, Li Yu, , summer however, Fan Xue Ying, Xu Yue Lin and Chen Xuan is rather.Three males three females of, estimate to be greatly playing a campus romance?In Li Yu with receive a soldier 2 people usually gather together at a cake of, is like a friends, have the bad record to participate in to fight Dou to beat on the file in Li Yu, Fan Xue Ying has the record of previous crime to racketeer classmate, this seeming position isn't small. Group 4 senior clerk Su flies Hong, member, Li Yan, , Liu Jing of the D, Li Yue Hua, Wang Long, what chain.Liao learns a soldier to early see a Su fly the Hong has certain influence in the girl, like this the cent set isn't strange, but athletics lesson representative Wang Long, seem at slaver their attractive women. Skip a few lists, see unique a 4 people team, the set that is his old Liao to want to join.Member:The Mu permits blue fall, Chen Zhi Hui, moxa purple Ying and week Anne, the senior clerk is certainly served as by old Liao, three girls all grow to order very just, is really too lucky. However he is still very detailed and complete to carefully consider some kind of:"I in advance declared to join the remaining 4 people in the set in cent team, this helping the bird the person have been already premeditated already and arrange to wait me intentionally and like this next?The team of this 4 people, in addition to the Mu permits blue fall to dress up to be like small too younger sister, otherly poured a nothing important, no matter how it is, say, I still must defend and went not to enter this when the time comes.Last night's singing performance exactly is who push me?Sit me flank of is that Anne is purely pure and four eye Zis, again pass by 1:00 is Wu Chun Xing, all not too may, alas, this problem is really abstruse." Again give an account each kind of item Damascus Kitchen Knives, then declare class is over. "How to say that I must also prepare tent, sleeping bag, otherwise when the time comes have no the place sleep drive student's joke.To, take the data of Smith's madam to seek credit with old president, let him break to order a small wealth."On wanting to very then and immediately act, make a phone call to make collective report a war merit for president, say:"The affair has been already broken, my heel you speak in detail that how process is." "Etc. doesn't say first, you get to my office, I make good tea of cup to wait you."Old president's surprise hands over to gather. Indeed as expected and as expected, the president early hopes his good news.Liao learns a soldier to exceed fast of the step walk into president's office, old guy still just table after correct a document, see him immediately pleased top tip of brow, stop the pen nib of ambulation, say:"Come, sit first, there are words slowly saying.I just made a box of special product best stone precipice tea.This kind of tea in the stone precipice you have never definitely once heard and produced on several deep mountain overhanging cliffs for saving, only the artistic skill adopts a medicine most vividly talented person to adopt to get.Regrettable external world not knows its fame, price also not calculate too high.This tea in the stone precipice wins heavy in the flavor, enjoy in retrospect everlasting." Start to grasp a carefully grain-like in shape tea-leaf Sa to enter purple sand pot in fine cleverly made Yixing, brings up the hot water that just burned to roll to sprinkle go into among them, covered cover to sway several sway again poured out water, say with smile:"This is a work preface for sampling tea's flavoring, be called to wash tea.Bubble the second water is a truely good flavor."According to speech again pour into water. The aroma indeed as expected spreads to open, curling up in the air float in the office, the president strongly absorbed several bottom noses, the full face infatuated with ground to say:"A fragrant word how get!"Listen to him so on saying, Liao learns a soldier to also feel quite good. Steeped approximately and then dump tea and drinks for 15 seconds in the small porcelain cup, president way voice:"Please."Also regardless of still very very hot temperature, the one mouthful drinks off.Liao learns a soldier to also learn his appearance to quaff in one gulp, immediately breathing that feels that joss-stick gets fed up with into extremity dashes forward toward the forehead from the throat, the Chi promotes the body fluid, sweet and matchless, not from call a way:"Is very comfortable!"

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